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Now that we know most of our department store cosmetics and household products are full of harmful, cancer-causing and hormone-interrupting chemicals, what can we do about it? This blog is to help us all share ideas on what products we have tried, what products are relatively safe, what is affordable to the general public and what we have found to REALLY WORK! We are in this together!

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Gifts

Wow - things got really busy there for awhile! Just a quick reminder to pay attention to your Christmas gifts! For women, it's pretty common to receive several scented lotions during the holidays. As kind as it is that someone thought of you and gave you a gift, think really hard about what you want to do with it. Read the labels! If it is full of fragrance and toxic chemicals on the Dirty 30 list, send a thank-you note to the giver, and secretly chuck it! For years, I would have at least 10 different bottles of smelly lotion on hand at any given time, and would end up keeping them for a LONG time because I would alternate which one I used. Toxic chemicals + sitting around for a long time = trouble! Even ingredients that may not start out being harmful over time can turn into a different compound. I actually had one make-up item for 6 years that I got from QVC and it still wasn't empty when I finally threw it away -- yikes! And I had been using it every day. I have no idea what was in that stuff, but it just wouldn't run out. Now that the holidays are over, pay attention to what you are putting in your make-up drawer. Look past the sparkly containers and cutesy labels. Read that teeny, tiny print and make sure you aren't rubbing garbage all over your body and face every day. Check it or chuck it!!! Happy New Year!

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