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Now that we know most of our department store cosmetics and household products are full of harmful, cancer-causing and hormone-interrupting chemicals, what can we do about it? This blog is to help us all share ideas on what products we have tried, what products are relatively safe, what is affordable to the general public and what we have found to REALLY WORK! We are in this together!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Online shop for skincare stuff

Hey peeps-
Here is a link to an online shop I'm checking out of a girl named Jen who makes all of her own skincare/body products.....she is sending me some stuff to try out, but check out her site and she has products for kids/babies too, which is so important, seeing that there are terrible chemicals in a lot of the baby wash and lotions. http://www.shopsimplyjen.com/ I'll let you know when I try out some of her stuff what I like so far.


  1. I just ordered some items from Jen's online shop and should have them tomorrow or the next day. I'll report on them after I have tried them for a couple of weeks. So nice to see more and more people making products that are safe for us to use -- we just have to look a little harder for them and get rid of the nasty stuff we have been using for years!

  2. I've been trying some Ava Anderson products. I really like them. I've used the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. They are a little pricey, but I think most natural products are going to be. I'll have to try some of Jen's stuff and see how it compares.