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Monday, April 11, 2011

Cream Shave - Not Shaving Cream

While on a family beach vacation last weekend, I was so pleased to see all of the organic and toxic-free products that my mom and sister are using! I need to step up my game! I've switched over about half of all of my daily-use products, but after our vacation... I got out the garbage can once again! This time, I ditched my salon shampoo and conditioner (plus some random Pantene I still used occasionally), my bathroom hand soap and my shaving cream. While on our family vacation, I secretively used my sister's Aubrey Organics Pomegranate "Creme de la Shave" to shave my legs.... and I loved it! So, I went to Whole Foods and found that the largest bottle they have was only 4 ounces (Cali girls gotta shave their legs 3 times a week!!!). So, I opted for a larger bottle of Abla Bontanica's "Very Emollient" Cream Shave. I tried it out today and it's FABULOUS! So thick and creamy and it makes your legs feel incredibly soft. 2 thumbs up on that product. I got Whole Foods' "365" hand soap, shampoo and conditioner, which so far seem to be good enough (they're only $6 for a HUGE bottle of each). And I got Tom's brand whitening toothpaste --- which actually tastes pretty decent for being organic. I'm still searching for all of the right organic makeup items ---- But, at least ALL of my other daily-use products are officially toxic-free! One step at a time, people!

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  1. Great job Chels! You can secretly use my stuff anytime:)