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Now that we know most of our department store cosmetics and household products are full of harmful, cancer-causing and hormone-interrupting chemicals, what can we do about it? This blog is to help us all share ideas on what products we have tried, what products are relatively safe, what is affordable to the general public and what we have found to REALLY WORK! We are in this together!

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Nothing Short of Miraculous!

It came to my attention today, through The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, that Glamour magazine actually had the guts to publish an article in their current May issue (now out in the stores) about toxins that are harming us entitled, "The New Toxic Threats to Women's Health." Never mind the fact that this article is sandwiched in between an ad for cologne with a lift and sniff flap and an ad for a chemical to put on your eyelids to help your eyelashes grow! They did, however, sneak in an ad about the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. At least it's a step in the right direction and actually a fairly bold move for a magazine who relies heavily on the advertisements of companies inundating our world with toxins and chemicals that are harming us. Read the article if you get a chance, or pull it up online. Toward the end of the article, there were 8 really good tips, and I quote them: 1. Eat well and exercise. 2. Buy fresh produce if possible (no packaging) and choose foods in glass containers instead of metal cans. 3. Don't put plastics in the microwave. 4. Always buy organic versions of food that have edible skins (to avoid pesticides, etc.). 5. Check the safety of your cosmetics and personal care products on cosmeticsdatabase.com. Here is my editorial comment - why don't YOU (Glamour magazine) check the safety of all of the things you advertise in your magazine!!!! 6. Cut back on cleaning products with fragrance or air fresheners. 7. Filter your tap water (to avoid pesticides which are an endocrine disruptor). 8. Take off your shoes before entering your home (to avoid tracking in pesticides and other cancer-causing substances). There! I hope I didn't make you not read the entire article. Do it! There was actually some great information in there.

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